Nov 7, 2009

healthy eyes

no expression of the eyes are the windows of our hearts, to see there are many meanings that can be found from all the objects seen by the eye. eye health therefore must always be maintained. Seeing eye is the main job, seeing is an object of the entry process into the retina of the channel by the nerves to the brain to the interpreted. if there are errors in the transfer of objects is automatically performed brain interpretation would be wrong. Thus, health care is to maintain eye health which deliver nerve stimulation in the brain that deliver the object received by the retina to the brain.

This will include seeing the object is not too close because of the power point abnormal eye catching, make sure you read the distance approximately 30 cm while to see TV or other monitor 2 meters.

A healthy eye is the eye that can catch the object directly in the object crosses the position. to make our eyes remain healthy there must be good nutrition that can repair cells damaged eye cells including the vitamins A, E and C. Eat lots of carrots are rich in beta carotene and high-including fish and vegetable omega broccoli.

healthy eyes are the eyes that have white-colored eyes were clear and the retina clear, although there are some red-eye due to genetic factors but it can not serve as a basis. Then the second position of the eyeball straight and symmetrical, the surface layer of clear eyes, smooth, and we have eyes rata.semoga like this, please to read the health tips in the my blog themoretips


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